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player & Streamers

You are an amateur player. A professional esports athlete. You play games as a (serious) hobby. You might be the talent we are looking for.

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event organizer

You host events. You organize Esports tournaments and championships. You love being a part of the Esports community. You love gathering people and watching people have fun while they’re playing games. Events are your soul. You make sure everyone knows about your events and you want to get people to join your events.

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game developer

You code. You create video games. Coding game is your jam. You love to see people having fun while they play your games. You love coding and you make sure everyone knows the game you created.

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brand & sponsors

Your brand wants to convey the thrill, speed and passion of esports. You sell esports equipment. You are looking for an ecosystem that fits your brand and product. You want your brand to appeal to the right gamer. You want players to remember you.