In line with our goal of creating a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem, we believe in engineering positive changes in the industry through advocacy.

We aim to incorporate 4 main approaches in our advocacy.

Group 7446

Increasing Engagement

We believe that to create an ecosystem, we require the cooperation and engagement of the entire community. We intend to create platforms for discussion, engagement and networking to engineer this platform.
Group 7523

Integrating values

All our products and events will incorporate mechanisms and structures to promote good values within the ecosystem.

Group 7532

Raising awareness

The Esports Industry is sometimes perceived negatively due to the perception that it is not a legitimate sport and just a past time. ESI aims to create shows and events to generate more positive awareness for Esports and celebrating Esports Athletes as role models.
Group 7464

Creating Structures

Given the fast-paced development of the Esports Industry, elements of it tend to be unregulated and players are oftentimes left unprotected. We aim to develop structures to protect all actors within the industry. We aim for these structures to support the industry rather than hinder its growth, therefore we will ensure that extensive feedback processes are put in place.


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