Charity Showmatch


ESI Charity Stream Takeover

ESI Charity Stream Takeover is a 20-day charity stream takeover conducted by the nation's 20 top streamers!


Program Objectives:

1. To offer opportunities for Esports talents to expose their skills and get some exposure to connect them to ESI & the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
2. To broaden the network and promote Esports as one of the nation's economic driver.
3. To introduce new perspectives into the Esports industry by adding more values, uniqueness, adventures and challenges that enhance the gaming content.
4. To celebrate women in Esports.

List of Personalities:

1. Ozoraveki
2. Feekz
3. Mamajess
4. Daddyhood
5. Xorn
6. Vokey
7. Boonga Gaming
8. Dominus

9. Sane
10. Tashbunny
11. Sleepy Godzillas
12. Syno Gaming
13. Godz
14. Bella Livestream
15. Erin Karra

Charity Showmatch

20 popular Malaysian esports streamers and gamers ‘took over’ ESI’s Facebook Gaming stream for 20 days to raise RM10,000 and 242,000 stars for charity. With Ozoraveki, Feekz, Flare, Mamajess, Daddyhood, Xorn, Vokey, Boonga Gaming, Sane, Tashbunny, SleepyGodzillas, Syno Gaming, Godz Entertainment, Bella Livestream, Erin Karra and more.