ESI Challenge Women's Edition

ESI Challenge Women's Edition was held on the 9th October 2020. 20 female streamers around Malaysia were competing against each other. They are all grouped randomly in 4 groups with 5 team members each. The event was streamed LIVE on Facebook Page Esports Integrated, KBS Malaysia, Utusan Online, Kosmo Online, eGG Network and Twitch @esportsintegrated.

Program Objectives:

1.To offer opportunities for Esports talents to expose their skills and get some exposure to connect them to ESI & the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
2. To broaden the network and promote Esports as one of the nation's economic driver.
3. To introduce new perspectives into the Esports industry by adding more values, uniqueness, adventures and challenges that enhance the gaming content.
4. To celebrate women in Esports.

Program Concept:
1. Invitation - This program is a special program for female streamers only. 4 female streamers will form a team with a total of 4 teams.
2. Match - There is 4 matches.
3. Brawl - There is 1 Brawl Match before final match. Only Top 2 teams will participate.
4. Finale - Only 2 teams play for final match and the winner will be crowned as champion.

1. Muna Shahirah
2. Shah Iskandar

1. Muna Shahirah
2. Shah Iskandar

List of Personalities:

1. Nyan Yan
2. Cik Kalut Gaming
3. Pen Halo
4. Shiqaqa
5. Glitter Gaming
6. Aleeya Gaming
7. Boonga Gaming
8. Miss Farr
9. Erin Karra

10. Sharina Richie
11. Summer Liew
12. Miss Rose
13. Mathegood
14. Bella Livestream
15. Queenxbee
16. AZS Gaming