ESI Challenge Kaki Bola Edition

ESI Challenge Kaki Bola Edition involves a total of 8 players consist of celebrities, football players, pro-gamers and streamers will be competing playing FIFA21. The winner of this event will receive RM5,000. The main goal for this event is to provide a platform for Esports talents to expose their skills in the field of Esports and to turn it into a potential professional career.

Program Objectives:

1.To create an awareness to public about the upcoming Malaysia Esports Circuit 2021 for mobile games, console and PC games.
2. To create platform for Malaysian Esports talents to broadcast themselves and expose themselves.
3. To broaden the network and promote Esports as one of the nation's economic drivers.
4. To introduce new perspectives into the Esports industry by adding more values, uniqueness, adventures and challenges that enhance the gaming content.

Program Concept:

1. Invitation - 2 celebrities, 2 streamers, 2 pro-gamers and 2 Malaysian football players will be invited to participate in this tournament.
2. Match - The concept of the match is "sudden death" which is 12 minutes for one match.
3. Winner - The winner of final match will be crowned as champion.