ESI Launch

Official launch ceremony was held on 1st October 2020 at Majestic Hotel, and was attended by the Minister of Youth and Sports, YB Dato’ Sri Reezal Merican Naina Merican and Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, YB Senator Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal.

ESI’s roadmap was shared with the esports fraternities, setting the stage for ESI’s role for the next 5 years

Ahmed Faris Amir, CEO of Impact Integrated introduced the key initiatives in Phase One of the National Esports Roadmap. In his statement he said: “We are proud to support the nation in building the Esports industry. ESI’s vision is to create a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem that enables growth, ensures protection and fosters diversity for Esports players of all levels in Malaysia.”

With a focus on building an integrated structure, ESI will be rolling out the following initiatives in Phase One of the roadmap:

1. A platform to manage and centralise the Esports ecosystem. The platform will include a fully online tournament engine.

2. Launch the formation of the Malaysia Esports Circuit consisting of the Malaysia national Championship and the Malaysia Esports League with points from these major tournaments feeding into the centralised platform.

3. Introducing the Esports Conference series, a yearly event with the first edition slated for later this year. The 2-day Esports Conference will aim to provide networking opportunities and serve as a platform for discussion, leading towards a larger scale summit attracting regional industry actors in the years to come.

4. Advocating for a better regulatory framework and guidelines to drive positive change within the industry.

As part of the long term plan for the National Esports Roadmap, ESI will also be developing a Capacity Building programme. Slated to begin in 2021, the programme will focus on upskilling Tournament Organizers, Event Organizers, Team Managers and Coachesto raise the professional standard of the Esports industry of the nation.

ESI also revealed that they will be creating KBS’s official Esports Hub in Spacerubix, Puchong. Projected for completion in 2021, more than just a tournament or event venue, the hub will be a training ground for professional and amatuer Esports players alike and an area for networking for players, coaches and industry players.

With these initiatives, ESI hopes to bring together players, organisers, brands and game developers; creating a community to ensure the growth of Esports throughout Malaysia. ESI’s partners include Malaysia Electronic Sport Federation (MESF), Techninier, eGG Network, VC Media & Consultancy (VCMC) and Geek Fam.

Held at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, the event concluded with a charity showmatch involving the nation’s top Esports players which was live streamed on ESI’s Facebook page.